2011 11th USAWest Square Dance Convention
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Callers and Cuers

Here is a selection of the talented callers and cuers who will be performing at our Convention. Some of these are certainly familiar to you, but even those who aren't are preparing to give you a dancing event you'll long remember.

"The Crew" -- Daryl Clendenin, Randy Dibble, Jim Hattrick, Les Seeley. Oregon-based callers with a world-wide reputation.

Chuck & Sandi Weiss -- Cuer

Erin & Scot Byars -- Cuer and Caller

Phil & Sue Harris -- Cuer

Susan Healea -- Cuer

Steve Sullivan -- Caller

Kathy Racine -- Caller

Doug Davis -- Caller

Tom & Julie Jenks -- Cuer

Steve & Valerie Murphy -- Cuer

Ron & Georgine Woolcock -- Cuer

Randy & Rose Wulf -- Cuer

Rey & Sherry Garza -- Cuer

Bruce & TJ Chadd -- Cuer

Doug Hatch -- Cuer

Bill & Karen Holm -- Cuer

Don Wood -- Caller

Don & Sheila Swartz -- Cuer

Joyce Hooper -- Cuer