2011 11th USAWest Square Dance Convention
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The USAWest Square Dance Conventions include a program of educational seminars as well as a full dance program. This page describes a few of the seminars that will be provided.

Recruiting and Retaining Square Dancers


A Sure Fire, Tried and True, Recruiting and Retention Plan

Don't miss this opportunity to be a part of the square and round dance resurgence. Clubs from Southern California to Washington State have called to thank us for saving their clubs.

The plan does work if you are willing to make it work. You will be given hand out material that includes examples of the entire recruiting plan.

Presenter: Les and Paula Seeley
Saturday, August 20, 2008
3 pm - 4 pm


During the USAWest Square Dance Convention in Longview, Washington, our Sew-N-Save program will present the opportunity for you to attend two unique and different sewing seminar sessions. Each will be offered on two different days.

Here is a handy flyer you can distribute to your friends, to show what a wonderful time they can have at our convention.

Both sessions will appeal to both the new and experienced seamstresses. The classes will be highly interactive, so that you can ask your questions as you think of them. We encourage an exchange of ideas and information. Come prepared to learn, share, and enjoy the wonderful world of creative sewing without patterns.

Both sessions will be taught by Kathy Roberts.

That Versatile 8-Gore Skirt

This session will show you how to create your own unique and beautiful skirts by modifying a simple 8-gore skirt pattern.

A Bag for All Occasions, Revisited

This session is a continuation of a very popular session held at the 2008 USAWest in Pendleton. Learn how to make many different types of bags without a purchased pattern. You will learn how to use a ruler, paper, and other common objects to make your own unique patterns.