2011 11th USAWest Square Dance Convention
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Round Dance Program

We are proud to announce that we have programmed many round dance leaders for your dancing pleasure, including several who are nationally and/or state acclaimed cuers/instructors.

The round dance program will be packed with learning and dancing opportunities throughout Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Dancing will be Phases II through VI. Rhythm clinics will occur each morning. Dances being taught each afternoon will be showcased in the morning. Don't miss the showcases. They are wonderful to watch each day, even if you don't round dance! There will be round dancing between square dance tips in most venues. Below is a taste of what we have planned for you.


Increase your knowledge of Foxtrot. Figures and techniques will be emphasized. This clinic is aimed at Phase III and up dancers with knowledge of Foxtrot. Nationally acclaimed instructor from Arizona. That same day dancers will have an opportunity to learn a Phase III Foxtrot and a Phase V Foxtrot/Jive.


Learn the fundamentals of the Bolero rhythm, including figures, technique, and styling. This clinic is aimed at Phase II and up dancers, whether they have any previous Bolero experience or not. Nationally acclaimed instructor from California. That same day dancers will have the opportunity to learn a Phase IV dance featuring Bolero and the Golden Classic "Sleeping Beauty".


Learn Rumba techniques, styling and figures. This clinic is aimed at Phase II and up dancers who have a basic knowledge of the rhythm. Nationally acclaimed instructor from Colorado. That same day, dancers will have an opportunity to learn a Phase III Rumba, a Phase IV Rumba, and a Phase IV Rumba/Foxtroe.


Other planned instruction sessions include, but are not limited to:
Introduction to Round Dancing
Multiple Phase II dance teaches
Multiple Golden Classic teaches
Intermediate Cha Cha
Intermediate Jive