2011 11th USAWest Square Dance Convention
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Many people look forward to festivals and conventions so they can see some of the spectacular exhibition groups that perform their special routines. We will have an exciting array of exhibition groups for you in Pendleton. We will post schedule information as soon as it has been determined.

Dream Weavers Demonstration Square Dance Team

Several years ago the Wagon Wheel Square Dance Club were looking for positive ways to promote square dancing. The Wagon Wheel.s chose to establish a Demonstration Square Dance Team, the Dream Weavers, with the goals of developing a program that would entertain audiences, be enjoyable to the dancers and encourage others to try Modern Square Dancing. The Dream Weavers are available to dance and represent any Square Dance club.

The Dream Weaver's dance monthly in Washington State, primarily in the Central Puget Sound region. An unexpected goal of the Dream Weaver's has been their popularity with Senior Care Facilities. Team member's enjoy dancing in the Senior Care Facilities as much as they enjoy having us.

Wayne Easton is the Caller and chorographer for the team, which is comprised of dancers from several different local Square Dance Clubs.

High Country Dancers

High Country Dancers come from across Colorado's Front Range with many members having over 40 years of square dancing experience. Their performances are a mixture of traditional squares & more imaginative sets that include hexagons, rectangles, and an 8 couple royal double square, all interlaced with their distinctive aerial figures. They also perform quadrilles, contras, waltzes, and Latin rhythms. What is most evident about this group, mostly between 50 and 70 years old, is their love of dancing and good fun. They quickly demonstrate that dancers don't have to slow down as they get older! Everyone enjoys the energy & enthusiasm they put into their performances. Originally organized in 2001, they have been dancing at National Square Dance Conventions each year, have been featured at the USAWest Conventions, and perform for churches, granges, senior living centers, and other events around the Denver, CO area.

California Heritage Dancers

The California Heritage Dancers group has been performing for twenty four years. Their performance venues have included sixteen National Square Dance Conventions and twenty one California State Square Dance Conventions, as well as many regional festivals and a two week performance tour in Austria. Their purpose is to educate as well as entertain. By demonstrating the history of square dancing from its beginning here in the United States in the 1700.s to the modern times, they hope to ignite in their audiences an appreciation of our national folk dance.

The Heritage Dancers' repertoire includes twelve different dances which are performed in period costuming, using authentic music and choreography. Extensive research has gone into what they present to audiences today. Director Ruth Walker Hagan organized the group in 1987 and has been instrumental in designing the costumes as well as researching the dance figures and music styles.