2011 11th USAWest Square Dance Convention
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List of callers

Following is the list of callers currently scheduled to perform at the USAWest Convention in Longview. Hopefully, you'll find a few of your favorites on this list:
CallerHome state
Craig Abercrombie OR
Vern Boggs WA
Ken Charboneau CO
Adam Christman MT
Daryl Clendenin OR
KC Curtis OR
Doug Davis WA
Mike DeSisto WA
Randy Dibble OR
Tony England UT
Chuck Garner OR
Tami Gear UT
Mike Halley OR
Lee Hatchell UT
Jim Hattrick WA
David Hinds MT
Dan H Hopper WY
Darin Keith ID
Richard Lane NM
Bill Ponton NV
Kathy Racine UT
Les Seeley WA
Steve Sullivan ID
Don Wood WA